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Will the circle be unbroken … ?

Do our lives go round in circles ? Long, looping cosmic arcs of connectivity ? Is there some cosmic prod going on from birth to death ? Is the world smaller than we think ?


Maybe I should leave it there and let you ponder. Answers on a postcard or in the Comments below.

I have been thinking on this recently as a number of accidental “connections” have been made in recent times, completing a circle that began in innocence years ago. For instance, I thought my favourite Bond Girl was beautiful – along with several thousand others, no doubt – and she is. Despite others who came and went she was always my favourite and even when she disappeared from the limelight I would remain loyal. Imagine my surprise then, as a result of a series of unrelated life changes, I later find myself on first name terms with said beauty, both of us part of a team organising a literary festival. It seems some cosmic circle was complete.

I was an impressionable young teenager in the 60’s. (Jealous ?) Beatles. Stones. Kinks. All that. Except that my musical taste always seemed to lean towards American artistes. Byrds. Beach Boys. I was hearing Jefferson Airplane. The Doors. Love. Our local record store was a 40 minute bus ride away. (Can you imagine that you Digital Natives ?)It was called Some Kinda’ Mushroom and was run by a long haired cool Dude that we all looked up to. We would catch the bus just to hang out in his store and listen to the latest American albums. He got them. They were exotic. From over there.


… The American Breed …. nice suits,boys

“Have you heard “Bend me- Shape me” by Amen Corner?” my friends might say, “It’s great.”

(No Youtube ?… click play below… and elsewhere    🙂  )

“Yes, but not as good as the American Breed version,” my rejoinder, keen to display my superior knowledge and esoteric listening.


And so it came that with some paper round wages I bought “98.6” by Keith. Er, I think I was the only one I knew who did, skipping along as a spotty 14 year old. (Actually, I was lucky, I never got the spot thing.)In fact, I’m sure that the single is still lounging in a box in my parent’s loft.

Fast forward to the present day and proudly sitting in my CD rack is “Who could imagine” by Tony Powers. Tony co-wrote “98.6” and is a regular Commenter to my blog after I followed a link through Sparks in Shadow. I haven’t met Tony, but I appreciate his support, as I do all who click and comment here. Somehow, another cosmic circle is completed. Weird. Or is it a small world after all.

I distinctly recall spending 6d (6 cents ?)on a copy of “Tales of Brave Ulysses” by Cream which I had found in a bargain bin in a WHSmiths store. Maybe I’ll bump into Eric Clapton next week and he’ll ask me round for drinkies.

Next time I’m in LA, Tony, the drinks are on me (Fiona and I have already discussed our wine preferences in the local pub, Bond? Shmond !) and you can sign my copy of “98.6” .

(Slipping away now singing…  will the circle be unbroken …. …)

8 thoughts on “Will the circle be unbroken … ?”

    1. I didn’t know that, Don. I thought he might still be “darn the Old Kent Road”. Okay, it’s gonna have to be Jack Bruce then – Ginger Baker might hit me. Tony’s blog is great and he sure has been a successful writer. Thanks for stopping by,Don. Enjoy your coffee.

  1. Wow, this is all so serendipitous! Love the idea of cosmic circles….I often ponder these things 🙂 You and Fiona Fullerton….as they say in Urdu… baat hai 🙂

    p.s I listened to all the sound clips… very thoughtful of you 🙂

    1. Haha, I did it for you. 🙂 Yes, Fiona is lovely company, though being a celebrity obviously polarises public reaction sometimes. It’s not unusual to spot celebs around here,Kate Moss frequently, for instance. They live behind high walls, of course, but they have to come out for food now and then. 🙂

  2. You just made me enforce a quick pop quiz on poor old partner, who didn’t do badly.

    I like AC better than AB. ACAB? I *think* I may have heard Keith but don’t remember the name.

    Where is Sparks? Miss her.

    And Eric, well, no more to say. Just – wonderful tonight.

    Partner has a story about Joanna Lumley, but she was an Avenger not a Bond girl so we wont get into that.

    I listened to them all too. And a few others on the detour, if paradise etc

    1. Pop quiz … now there’s an idea.. 🙂

      I exchanged emails with Ré back in December but I haven’t heard from her since. She has a book of poetry published on Smashwords called “In the Forest Falling” and she was working on that.
      I miss her too. I hope she’s okay.

      Glad you liked the post, RSITM.

      1. I liked her blogs, one of the ones I used to look forward to. A lot of the ones I used to enjoy are in a fallow season I think, maybe they will spring to life again at some point.

        Go easy on the pop quiz. Not sure I would do too well 😀

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