Photography, The Cork Board

Dawn rises over the flood

It has been raining heavily, intermittently, for a few weeks now. When it does, the “Infant Thames”, as the trickling is known around here as it begins it’s journey east to the Big City and worldwide fame, becomes a stroppy bloated teenager for a while.

Three of the four roads out of our village will be flooded to some extent, but more consistently will be the fields through which the usually benign waters slip.

And as with all flooding, it is always a wonder, and frequently beautiful.

… taken this morning, zero degrees and freezing fingers …

(Clicking on the pictures opens them up.)




22 thoughts on “Dawn rises over the flood”

    1. Absolutely beautiful and inspiring. I imagine you must also see some wonderful birds and other creatures out there!

    1. Very early. Sun up was 7.45 am and I was up at 6.30 only needing to travel for 15 minutes ….. ! 🙂 It was very tempting to stay in bed though but chuffed with myself for facing the cold and getting these pictures.

  1. Incredible colors and reflections! I once briefly got enthusiastic over the notion of starting an email newsletter with daily sunrise photos, but that ended when I realized even I didn’t want to get up that early ;b

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