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Hey NSA, GCHQ, over here …

I haven’t been blogging for a while. Just this and that and work and life and stuff and a lack of fire in the belly. But my stats say that I’ve only used 8% of my allotted space so with the NSA and GCHQ waiting on my every word I thought I’d better get my finger out. But where to pick up? News ? Opinion ? Critique? Hey, NSA –  I’m a Socialist ( capital S ) – well, maybe humanitarian really but I just thought I’d try to get your attention.

Hey, GCHQ, I know where you live ! I marched for CND in the 70’s at the front. Did you get my picture? I’m really subversive. I marched for Mandela too! Oh well, I shall be marching for Pensioners Rights soon – just watch me.

I’ve been to some great gigs in recent months. Rokia Traore. Gary Burton. Dhafer Youssef. How subversive is that? !  Jazz and World music. Check my clicks, guys, I read The Guardian too.

What? You don’t care ? You only want to know what Angela Merkel thinks about her sauerkraut?

Well, stuff you. All that data dross. You sift through it if your slim brains can take it. Leave the real people to live real lives in cyberspace. You can’t steal my avatar.

And if you’re really  reading, dig this, it’s great. You just might learn something.


8 thoughts on “Hey NSA, GCHQ, over here …”

  1. I haven’t even read the detail of it. I’ve seen headlines about it, and thought it ain’t affecting my life. Shame they have nothing better to do. Anyway, I’ve already written on my blogs that I’m feminist, vegetarian, environmentalist, left-wing, pro- animal rights, etc etc I haven’t mentioned that I used to read the graudian but I suppose I could add that one. I do read Revolting Europe, which if you don’t, I highly recommend. Oh and I have always been a trade union member and an activist. Perhaps I will end up in guantanameraGuantanamo.

    1. Haha, Guantanamera Bay… Not come across Revolting Europe but I will check it out.
      Your comment is beautifully succinct. They can’t put us all away who disagree with them. They make themselves look silly. Laughter and ridicule is the best counter… 🙂

      1. I like RE, I also follow a Marxist Humanist blog. This will seriously get your blog get sprung to the attention of NSA. Not that I agree with it all (booo, your blog drops down the NSA rankings at that).

        I am never succinct. I have too much to write.

        No, they won’t put us away. They will endlessly deny us employment, pensions, health care, force us into the workhouse at 60 or 70 until we die, and not let us choose how to live our own lives. Do I need to say more?

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