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It’s Christmas, I’m getting all John Lennon

It is the time of year for reflection. My favourite Christmas song has always been John Lennon’s “Happy Christmas War is Over” , since I always, but always, linger on ………. “and so this is Christmas ….. and what have you done… ?” . And then there is the pause while he lets you reflect. It is a time for lists and mellow fruitfulness. My top this – my top that – and maybe I’ll post one. Who knows ?

2012 has been a roller-coaster year in the Monkey Sanctuary. It’s been great and it’s been not-so. Just like everyone else’s. It’s been tough around here lately, hence the silence on these pages. (In case anyone noticed.) I’ll refer you back to my Watershed Week post.

Anyway, life is an adventure and then …. oh, b*&^$$£s I’m getting all John Lennon…………

When I get reflective, when we all get reflective, do we naturally dwell on those things that weren’t so good ? Those things that we’d rather not have experienced, or said, or heard, or done ? I guess it’s natural in a way. Some moments just stick in our heads for the wrong reasons.

When I find myself reflecting on stuff and the downsides predominate I’m lifted by my favourite props. I’ll seek out a book of poetry, Seamus Heaney being a favourite at such times. Such mastery. I’ll go back to the photographs of Brassai and wonder at the work and artistry, for instance. And then sometimes I’m lifted by the snatch of an old song from my youth, heard by accident as I pass an open door, that just takes me back to sunnier days when youthful innocence rooled ok. The Byrds, for instance. Recently I’ve found myself really enjoying classic jazz – some would call it “light” , Sarah Vaughan or Ella.

Then, by  a moment of serendipity, I heard this on the radio, and it has stuck, a mantra for now.

10 thoughts on “It’s Christmas, I’m getting all John Lennon”

  1. Yeah, for some reason awkward moment stick around longer, they are more resilient I guess.

    Merry Christmas, SMM! And a happy John Lennon, I mean new year to you ;-).

  2. Music….one of our greatest gifts. It often has kept me from going completely bonkers.. Aww Miss Lee ,thanks for the reminder, haven’t listened to her in ages. Merry Christmas and a great 2013 ! :).

  3. Ah, Peggy Lee. And a great sentiment in that song … I hope I can keep it in mind, too. I’m trying, but it’s hard. I love a lot of Christmas music so I’m listening to my favorites lately and trying not to overthink things.

    I hope there’s joy in your holidays and that the new year brings lots of good things your way.

  4. I thought about your watershed week post a few days ago and wondered how things were with your friend now. I think it was because I didn’t feel like getting out of bed either.
    Missing Youtube like hell.
    I think there’s a Seamus Heaney book on my bookshelf. Will give it a look-see, since you spoke such high words of praise 🙂
    Still searching for Junot Diaz!

    1. Hi Mun, well, with regard to Watershed Week I think we’re coming up the other side of the hole now. We’ll keep climbing and see what happens.
      I know someone who has spent some time in Seamus Heaney’s company and says that he’s a lovely gentle man. It sort of rounds off the image I have of him as a poet.
      Junot Diaz ? Keep looking…. or I’ll send you a copy. 🙂

  5. Great choice, Al. One of my favorite Christmas tracks of all time and one of the few that truly “get it”. I’ve posted some selections of my own (I needed to veer off course a bit) and I’m looking forward to being off for the holidays. Best wishes for a lovely holiday and a wonderful 2013!

    1. Thank you, Tim, and best wishes to you too. I hope 2013 brings you much success. I’ve been distracted somewhat lately but will wander over to check out what you’ve been up to. I do enjoy your music posts.

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