The Cork Board

My son Duncan, and his partner Jane, have produced my wonderful Grandson, Thom. Jane gets a couple of days off from work each week to play with Thom, elsewise he’s at Playgroup while Dunc and Jane provide. Jane is just so creative when it comes to Thom’s play. I can’t tell you how small their house is……… create a beach and seaside experience is just wonderful………………….

What Button did...

I’ve had an idea to build a beach in our living room for a while now, and today it finally all came together….

It’s surprising how many seaside-type-things we already had…a lovely stripy deckchair, wind up crabs, turtles and fish, water themed toys that blow bubbles and sing and a bright yellow towel…the rest I made or bought.  I think the whole thing including buying a bucket, spade, yellow blanket and one and a half metres of pebble floor covering came to well under £10.

I put the sofa cushions on the floor and covered half with a blue sheet and half with a yellow blanket.  Thom loves to throw himself onto the cushions.  We call it “Flumping”.  I put a yellow towel across the smaller sofa and created a sand dune.  I bought a plastic spade for £1 and sand castle buckets for £1.50

I made cut out shells…

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