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Mr.Monkey is a Coke addict

….okay, I admit it. I’m addicted to Coke…….Studio, Pakistan. (My second World Music post, as promised.)

I’ve talked about my love for this tv show before, but I’m allowed to re-visit it because it keeps delivering something worth talking about. The recent season is long over, and was, by most people’s measures I think, a variable affair. Such is the price for developing a format at once different and creative, receiving justifiable acclaim, and then trying to keep up the pace. Sometimes it won’t work – but I’d hate the experiment to stop because it’s only by attempting to fuse the musics that it does that we occasionally feast our eyes and ears on pure musical collaborative enjoyment.

My favourite, by a nose, is this one. However, as the season drew to a close and just as I was thinking that we should pull the curtain down on this run and accept that sometimes it just doesn’t come off, our Coke Studio stalwarts pull out this monster at the very end.

… Farhan Rais Khan…

Farhan Rais Khan is a stunning sitar player. A player of world renown, he hails from a long family tradition of outstanding musicians. He lives for his music.

The producers of the show strove to bring the house band and Farhan together. However, Farhan’s diary was jammed. Undeterred, the band worked on their backing track, sent it to Farhan, who recorded his bit. I guess such musical collaborations are not quite as simple as that but you get the picture. “Seher” is what arises.

The video works well to say that neither party actually came together due to diary commitments. In today’s world that’s not unusual.

I urge you to sit through it. It’s awesome. Eddie Van Halen, Steve Vai  et al – eat your hearts out !!

Have a great weekend dear readers, and music fans, search out some great music from across our glorious world.

8 thoughts on “Mr.Monkey is a Coke addict”

  1. I know music isn’t supposed to have boundaries, but despite having turned up my nose at the Indian Coke Studio earlier (out of sheer loyalty to Pakistani awesomeness) I admit to having taken back my words.
    This article pretty much sums it up
    Having said that, this year has seen me become a huge fan of the sitar, having seen two amazing live performances. Sitar players are a treat to watch.
    I lost interest in CS to the extent that I missed this episode altogether! So thank you Alan, for posting Farhan Rais Khan here. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Mun. I’m glad you enjoyed Farhan. I read the article and it hits the spot.In the past I’ve found the Indian version a little tough even for my eclectic ear but l’lI give it another go after reading that. CS Pakistan needs a breath of fresh air now. Did we really need Chakwal Group 3 times or 2 Overload numbers ? Where are the other artistes? I’m sure there are more worthy of a wider international audience. I wouldn’t replace Rohail yet but I would urge him to look further afield. I’d hate it to become tired.

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