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My Life in Hair

I’ve gotten to reflecting lately on how my hair has changed over the years. (Don’t ask me why, but mindless gardening jobs get the thoughts a wandrin’.) There’s a lot less of it than there used to be and what there is contains a lot more grey. But looking back, boy did I look stupid sometimes !

In my teen years, I thought I was the coolest going out dressed entirely in white, during my “John Lennon” period. ( I can only have resembled a 6ft tampon walking down the street. ) My hair, oh how lovely, was very Drew Barrymore.

…lovely …






The problem was (the tampon not withstanding) given my extra in the breathing department, I looked more like Barbra Streisand (with Drew Barrymore hair).

… me in women’s clothing…








I hung on to Barbra for a while but then moved into the highly fashionable mullet – known then as my “Fast Bowler” (as in cricket) look. By now I was at college and had forgotten to pack my razor so the introduction of a bird-pulling manlysomeness around my chin seemed appropriate.

…see, Cool Men’s Hair…









Then, woh, I went for the perm. (I don’t believe it myself ! ) I had a Kevin Keegan……….

…the famous Kevin Keegan perm …








………….but this fell flat as I was now turning into a Bob Dylan clone.

…His Bobness….. I was a ringer…









Thank heaven for proper jobs. All this silliness came to an end when I had to have a business cut and settle down. My Clooney-cut stayed with me for all my professional life, though, to create the effect I’ve given ol’ George the ubiquitous “Al ” beard.

… smart huh ? …

Now, I don’t have a proper job and the hair is back.

… solarization hides the grey… everyone’s favourite trick…

What on earth will it be next? How about going back in time in reverse order ? A perm, maybe…………… rinse.

What’s the worst hair decision you’ve ever made?

20 thoughts on “My Life in Hair”

  1. I love this, Al. What fun! I’ve always been in love with hair, though not often with my own.

    The worst hair decision I can recall is using Dippetty Do. (This was in the late sixties so I can’t remember the spelling.) All I remember is that it held the set all right, but made my hair hard as a rock. Thank goodness for the hippie influence. I realized I liked what you call Drew Barrymore hair best. (For guys and gals!) Still do, but maybe with a little more wave.

    1. Haha, glad you enjoyed it, Ré. I forgot to mention my recent pantomime experience when my hair was green…… for another post, maybe. I must admit I like the Drew Barrymore look best. It just seemed, and feels, so free. Unfortunately I’m now at an age where such hair looks a little sad – but I do like it longish.

  2. Thanks Al, this really made me chuckle. Hmmmm…my worst hair decision was not shaving it all off when I was at college… I have always somewhat hidden behind my hair and I think I would be very proud of myself for having had a Sinead O’Rebellion. Now I just keep my long black locks and buy a plethora of wigs x

    1. But your hair is YOU… but I suspect a Sinead would have been you too. I wanted a faint sky blue stripe to go wth my grey. I think it would look cool – but Fi has banned it.

      1. It is indeed me, you’re right…and long hair is best…let your freak flag fly! Maybe Fi would concede to me “chalking” your hair when you visit? x

  3. Oh I know exactly when i made a bad decison (wait there is 2 times) First was at age 13 i had to have the spiky hair of Rod Stewart..Cut it myself and I looked like a boy with a bad rooster hairdo. My Mother never said a word (to me at least) The 2nd was a bad perm..I looked just like a poodle gone bad.. Now (as the pic shows) It’s longer and I let mother nature take care of the rest (except for the L’Oreal haircolor every 4 weeks 🙂
    Your “now” hair looks great!!!

    1. Haha, nice one Lynne. What do you do with a poodle perm ? I remember when I turned up for work with my Keegan/Dylan my colleagues fell about hysterically. I like your hair now – and you’re obviously worth it.

  4. A poser Mr. Whiskey . . . but first, the worst decision I ever made was to decide my decisions were unchangeable . . . I was young is the only excuse I can make.

    I grew to realise that doubt and indecision were a blessing just so long as my response was consistent and I did nothing. Strangely things came to me . . .

    My hair, it was an alien being. It had a name – Afroed (Hair Bear Bunch). It grew, it stopped growing, it fell out and is now like down on a babies head.

    I envisage a story compilation around hair. Some hair is iconic.


  5. Love the post. My worst hair decision – the perm. I looked like Little Orphan Annie. Had it done while my husband was on a trip and when I picked him up at the airport, he didn’t recognize me. I’m going to try your solarization trick.

  6. Aww, I wanted to see old photos of you. 😉 (Or at least your hair, if not your face!)

    I was going to upload a photo of my worst old hair, but apparently I got shy when I was scanning, and didn’t digitize any of those photos. ;b It wasn’t that bad, though — luckily I’ve always been fairly tame when it comes to my hair. The makeup, on the other hand… I don’t have photos of most of those excesses either, but I used to wear shimmery dark purple lipstick and silver liquid eyeliner to high school. Not because it was in style, either, but because it was fun. I’d do it again maybe, if I weren’t so lazy about taking the stuff off in the evenings now. 🙂

    1. Unfortunately Lisa, I don’t know where the photos are. The problem with the good old film age is that photos got stuffed into shoeboxes and generally disappeared. Oh well. And make-up – Fi swears by removing her make-up at night. Tut tut. 🙂

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