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She doesn’t get up as early as a baker. Uh huh.

I’m always intrigued by rock bands with unusual instrumental line-ups. For instance, you will often hear vibes on Tim Buckley tracks (when such a thing was unusual way back when). Alejandro Escovedo has embellished his indie-rock in the past with a cello and violin. I love to hear Annie Whitehead fronting her jazz ensembles with her trombone. (And if anyone is out there I’m a singer-songwriter looking for a tabla player ! )

So, imagine my fascination when some years ago my son gave me Morphine. A group comprising bass, drums and baritone sax. That’s it. They then went on to create and play some great songs with just these three instruments. The effect is, I dare say, unique.

Okay, guys, first up. This is for playing when you’ve put all the ground work in and your date is just so cold, man. Nothing happenin’ – ya know. You lost your mojo. Ladies, could you resist?

Morphine was fronted by the late Mark Sandman.

...Mark Sandman...

He was clearly a gifted musician and songwriter and is indeed, remembered in his home town of Cambridge, Massachusetts with the naming of Mark Sandman Square. He died on stage from a heart attack whilst playing on a hot Italian night. You can find a good summary of his life on Wikipedia but if this is your first taste of Morphine I don’t want you to be reading when you should be listening.

This one is for your summer barbeque playlist. Enjoy.

15 thoughts on “She doesn’t get up as early as a baker. Uh huh.”

  1. Saweeeeeeeet!
    Thanks for the intro to some nice music.. I am a music fanatic (all except country and that skull rattling heavy metal) so this is a nice surprise.

    1. Glad you liked it, Lynne. It really is good stuff and the qaulity of the songs with just three unusually mixed intruments is just wonderful Check out “Like Swimming” or “Good” . You’ll like it, I’m sure.

    1. Thanks Tony, dead right. The sonics are something else. I always play this as loud as possible and it drones like the house is full of bees. I suspect that when you saw them live you could feel it in your chest. Wow. Sadly , I never did.

    1. Glad you liked it, Ré. See my reply to Lynne at “free penny press” . I’ve just checked Spotify and “Good” is there but not “Like Swimming”, but enough to get a sense of what they were about.

  2. Oh this is good stuff! *rubs hands with glee* …..looking forward to exploring more of their music. ‘You look like rain’ was lovely….going to add it to my playlist pronto 🙂
    p.s. hope you find a good tabla player asap!

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