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Je suis bemuséd.

He used to get everywhere – Kilroy.

Along with…..

You didn’t know who had been, seen and done, and part of the anonymity coupled with the universal message spelled for an unspoken brotherhood. Yes, raised fist, Clapton. Kilroy.

And so I am a little bemused of late. I have been focused elsewhere and have fallen from my regular routine of a regular post and have been absent from the ether. I’ve managed a quick comment here and there as I grab a coffee and then it’s been on to the next thing. But,its okay. Busy has been good.

As a consquence of this lack of activity I would have expected silence to descend upon the Monkey Blog but this has not been the case. Rather, the reverse. Since the beginning of March my viewing figures have doubled or in some cases, trebled, with no apparent reason. Qué ? Pourquoi ?

There appears to be no rhyme nor reason. Kilroy has been here.

So I peruse my viewing stats with some interest to see where people are who have found their way to my blog. Columbia – Philipines – States – Australia – Mexico – India -and so on…..

and I think, wouldn’t it be nice, if Kilroy said “Hi, I was here.”

I am grateful (yes, that is the right word) for all the comments left here since I really do appreciate the interaction – and let’s face it, there are some lovely people who are regulars to the Monkey’s Tree House, (new name for the Blog, huh?) but I do wonder if we are missing an opportunity to extend the conversation. I do sometimes feel that I’ve joined a cyberian Coffee House Art Group and we all sit around sharing our mutual respect and views for each others creative efforts and grumble about the Bourgeoisie along the way. (“Try this new eastern stuff –  a little pungent – opens up the mind they say – what a lovely shade of purple.” )

So, to the notion of the extended conversation – over a hundred people visited my blog yesterday……..a wave as you go by would have been nice…….and then all the regulars to the Monkey’s Tree House could have waved back – but thank you anyway.

16 thoughts on “Je suis bemuséd.”

  1. I was here too…and I’m new.. and I wave and leave a calling card just like I was taught..

  2. I’ve never had 100 visits in one day, though I’ve come close two or three times, but if 50 folks visit me, and I get 10 or fewer comments — well I’ve wondered what that means, too. My hope is that they liked it at least a little and then moved on because they didn’t know what to say. My fear is that they hated it and decided that if they had nothing good to say … well you know.

    Have you looked at the Search Engine Terms on your Stats page, and your Top Posts and Pages list to see what got the most views and the search terms people used to get to you? It could be your lovely photography and articles about beautiful and famous places.

    I get lots of people searching tiny hats, William H. Macy, lost birthday cards, and The Police. 🙂

    1. The searches are funny, aren’t they. Currently up there in the long list of items in need of clarification are The Saint and manure ! Far away the most searched term, though, in all it’s variants is “sandwich” …now, who needs to know how to make a sandwich? But it leads them here….. my first moment of fame. But it’s the searching of “sandwich” that gets me.

  3. You made me grin with “‘Try this new eastern stuff – a little pungent – opens up the mind they say – what a lovely shade of purple.'” As someone who lives tamely and safely I love to think of sitting around a dimly lit cafe with people who might say this. 😉 Maybe on our travels…!

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