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Folks, I’ve been busy lately organising the promos for the Literary Festival I’m involved in and I am way way behind with the reading of my cyberian friends blogs. On top of that, I’m taking a break and going to Istanbul for a coupla days……….lucky me. So, I thought I would take the opportunity to reblog a post I read recently by Jared Blake di Croce in New York that seemed to resonate with me somehow. Next time I go up on stage I’m going up full. Hope you like it.


It’s opening night…

You wait in the wings for the curtain to draw so that you may make your cross and begin the affair. Everything is as it should be. The grips have even tweaked that stage-right couch the meager 15-degrees you’d asked, so now your incredulous look in the third act will read to the audience all the better. You have worked at this for months, throughout all the tweaks, the critiques, the adjustments, the inevitable self loathing and the evenings of crying yourself to sleep — and now all that’s been left in the past for this one true and shining moment.

Here it comes.

You step out, you begin the show — and you’re flat. The show flops. What was the problem?

You didn’t enter the scene full.

In Acting, it’s called “Emotional Preparation”. See, in order to enter the scene full and give a solid performance…

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