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Anniversary Time

In keeping with tradition I thought I would take a look back at my first 12 months in Blogsville. What a challenge and what fun.  I set out with little idea where it would lead although I did have a rough notion of what I wanted to achieve. I love listening to and learning from people from different cultures and from around the world and if in some way I could connect with people who would allow me to peek through their window then I would be happy.

I guess my blog was always going to have a creative theme to it. That’s who I am. And I made a conscious decision to keep politics to a minimum (for my readers sake !) though I can rant with the best.

So, I feel enriched in some way to be able to call my blogging buddies my friends, my cyber-friends. I’ve coined a label for you all when I discuss your posts with Mrs.Monkey. You are my “cyberians” . (Geddit?!   🙂  )

So, in 12 months, I have been FP’d twice “Another sandwich related injury” and “Sun, sangria and a dash of paint” which has been an amazing honour. The FP moment turns your blog into party time for 24 hours and if you are lucky some of your guests hang around.

A comedian was heard on Radio 4 recently using the phrase “Another sandwich related injury” . Mrs.Monkey glowed warmly as I demanded my royalty cheque. 😉

I’ve loved watching develop with her writing, and Lisa evolve as a writer and painter, too. I’m enriched by Munira’s view of family life in Karachi. Kemi frightens me. I’ve never encountered anyone with such determination   🙂 .  Go girl !!  Mark’s posts are always thoughtful. And The Hook will always keep me on my toes when I next get to visit Canada.

At the end of 12 months oh how I would love

  • Coffee in Chicago with Re
  • A falooda in Karachi with Mun
  • Tea eggs in Oakland with Lisa
  • Some discipline in Aberdeen with Kemi
  • A Bud in a bar with Jared
  • Watch Wolves v Liverpool in a pub with Mark
  • Slip a 10 dollar bill to The Hook in Niagara
  • Wander the beaches of Sardinia with Jennifer

….in fact, I feel as though I’ve been around the world without moving from my chair.

My blog has allowed me to punt out my work and see what happens and I’ve been blown away by the support I’ve received, so High 5’s and thanks to you all for that.

The holiday season is almost upon us and I’m reflecting on what happens next. It’s time for the Monkey page to have a revamp – so that will be happening soon – (and I promise I’ll try harder with the technology – I still find it a bit “Hit and Miss” – I can’t get the Featured image to work now! ). I’m going to keep up to date with my reading, I promise that too (must try harder). There are some pages I don’t visit enough so I’ll be checking in more often – you’ll see me around.

Fellow creatives, arty-types and cyberians all…it’s been great fun. Raise your glasses to another 12 months of blogging, sharing ideas, comments and opinions. Mine’s a single malt – straight, no ice.

25 thoughts on “Anniversary Time”

  1. Congrats on the blogoversary Al! It’s been such fun following your stories and your artistic pursuits, not to mention your travel posts and the guitar stuff.
    So happy to be one of your cyberians! 😀 *clinks a mojito with your single malt*
    And I see some renovations here already! Loved this post, so straight and to the point, yet so warm and full of affection 🙂

  2. I’m so proud to be your fellow cyberian, my dear Mr. Monkey!

    I wish we could have that coffee soon, and that I could tag along for the tea eggs with Lisa. I’m raising my mimosa to your first year here. What a year it was! In the coming years, I look forward to many more works of art, stories and epiphanies from you as well as a bit of conversation while we lounge around between deeds. I’m very glad to have met you here, friend. Here’s to you!

    1. Thanks Ré, I’m glad we met too. I think we’re developing a proper creative community here and around each of our blogs and it won’t be long before we’re all sparking off each other. That will be amazing.

      1. I love it too. I’ve got some travel plans for 2012 which I would not be feeling as comfortable about if I didn’t have you all as my portable community. 🙂 (That’ll be on the blog soon!)

  3. Happy anniversary and thank you for the writing and music and camaraderie! 🙂 If you ever get round here we will have a bigger feast than just tea eggs… but I may be in your neck of the woods before that happens! More on that later! 🙂

  4. LOL! What a wonderfully amusing post! I frighten myself, I tell you. A big congrats to you on a year in Blogsville, man! You are tooooo much good to me ;-).

  5. LOL! What a wonderfully amusing post! I frighten myself, I tell you. A big congrats to you on a year in Blogsville, man! You are tooooo good to me ;-).

  6. Love your term “cyberians”, I get that! I have a term I say when telling family about my “blogger peeps”. It so happens the family get to know the characters in my blogoshere too! I think getting to know people from various cultures around the world is such a pleasure.
    Congrats on your Anniversary! Many more to you 😉

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