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At last….Danielle’s Guitar is done

I have been somewhat occupied of late, focusing on the long delayed completion of a guitar I started building a couple of years ago. Two full-time jobs and two house moves have, since beginning the project, slowed progress but, Danielle, the soon to be new owner of the guitar, has shown admirable patience and not cancelled the order. Rather, I should say, her father who is buying the guitar as a present, has not cancelled the order. And so it is to be delivered this weekend when we will all get together and jam with wine and food.

But I digress. I started this design based upon the Martin “000” shape with a rounded (Venetian) cutaway. (This is my favourite guitar size, being a small finger-picking kind of guy.) There were two main differences I wanted to achieve with this one. Firstly, I made the instrument deeper than you would normally find a “000” . This would give it some “oomph” for chordal playing and secondly, I wanted the guitar to be “bling-free” . No shell inlay, no glossy abalone or pearl – just decoration and beauty from the wood. My view is that if you are going to build a custom guitar there is no point in duplicating a factory model. If that’s what you want – go and buy one, it’ll be cheaper.

Having said that, the headstock was “accidentally” made for me by my friend Alan Marshall, who makes superb guitars at Northworthy Guitars, in Derbyshire UK. I say “accidentally” because I was working on the neck in Alan’s workshop and didn’t get chance to get back to it for a while. In the meantime Alan thought the neck was for a guitar he was building for me (personally) and so built the neck as if it was his wood and design. Hence, the guitar has his logo but is not a Northworthy guitar. (Just in case there are some purists out there.)

So, the spec, is;

solid European Spruce top
Maple braces
Indian Rosewood back and sides
English Plain trim
Mahogany neck
Rosewood Fingerboard
Brazilian Rosewood bridge
Bone saddle and nut
The tuners are gold-plated Gotoh’s
End flash and truss rod cover are flamed Maple

Therefore, a solid wood guitar, no laminates or plastic. The pictures: all her glory...


...showing off her curves....


...mahogany neck, English Plain trim, Indian Rosewood back & sides...


...Brazilian Rosewood bridge..


....flamed Maple flash...








23 thoughts on “At last….Danielle’s Guitar is done”

  1. I wish I had the dedication to learn to play the guitar and an only admire the talent and skill involved in making one.

    Even if we were only talking aesthetics, that is a beautiful work of art.

    1. Thank you, Ré.You are very kind. I like to try to keep things simple because I think the woods are just beautiful enough without the distracting “gloss” of shiny inlay, though it has it’s place.

    1. Thanks, Mun. The finish is simple and not polished to a high gloss because I wanted the woods to stand out on their own. This is a “mates rates” job….but I’ve already received an order from elsewhere as a result of posting the pics. 🙂

      1. Congratulations! And it is precisely because it isn’t glossy that I like it so much. It looks ‘authentic’, and very very you.
        And did I mention it was great hearing your voice?

  2. I’ve played guitar since I can remember mostly jazz and blues but lately bluegrass and even a touch of rock… Anyhow, that’s not the point.
    It’s that I have a dream, like a serious dream. I toured Gibson factory about a year ago when I picked up a custom accustic. I’ll post photos later… But that’s not the point either.
    I really want to learn to do that… Make a guitar, be a luthier. I’m sure I could work at it several lifetimes and not be able to create one like this. Yet, maybe I could build one that sounds okay, and plays well.
    I was in love with your writing but seeing the guitar making, well… You are my hero!
    Don’t know if your married but Ummmm… I’m not ; ) hint, hint…
    lol but seriously, I admire you, your work and I wanted you to know.

    1. Thank you, Alison, you are very kind. Glad you like the guitar. It sounded great too and Danielle loved it when she was presented with her gift. I’ve been so busy I haven’t built any this year though I have some woods ready to go. Just need to find some timespace. You can learn to do this. Anyone can – and it is a really satisfying accomplishment I’m sure you will enjoy. The female US builder I know is Kathy Wingert.It’s well worth a drool over her site. 🙂

      1. Will definately check it out.
        Here’s to more time, I understand not having time to complete all one desires. I started this photo project to tell the first eighteen years of my life through photography… Then well NaNoWriMo and I decided to travel with my Dad for his business. Thus, I sit here in beautiful, amazing, Annecy France, but my project sits in Boston… Hmmm
        Thank you again, by the way the comment about being single was all in fun. Hope no one was affended.

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