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What lies Within

Way back in the days of yore, the mid-80’s, that is, I was living and working in Leeds with some great people and generally enjoying life with a new young family. Always into my music I struck up a friendship with a work colleague, John Hunter, who fronted his own local band, Hang the Dance (I’ve always thought that was a great name). The “work gang” could often be seen at HTD gigs in the city, cheering on some great music and supporting our friend.

I fancied myself as a bit of an amateur photographer at the time and as HTD were recording a new EP (do they still have these?) I volunteered to try to come up with some cover shots. During one of the hottest summers of that decade we chose one of the few rainy nights to visit Ilkley Moor in the Yorkshire Dales for a photo shoot.

Rocky shelter - Ilkley Moor (

The evening produced mixed results but these two shots have survived .

John holds the rest of the band up.
Hang the Dance

A more fitting shot was eventually chosen for the cover, neither of these really suiting.

Anyway, HTD passed away, John kept fronting his own bands, I moved onwards and upwards on the greasy pole and life moved on. Then, a couple of years ago via the Interweb, John and I caught up again and resumed muso talk.

By now, John’s new outfit is The Jameson Raid – mainly a recording outfit with fellow musician Harvey Browne.  (You can try them here .)

And so this new cyber connection (we live a couple of hundred miles apart) has spawned it’s first collaboration. Taken by my Spain poem “Lo que yace por dentro” John asked if he could use it as a basis for a new song. Cool. I have no problem with that.

And so, ladeez n Gennel-men, pre-sent-een…”What lies Within” by The Jameson Raid. Lyrics “Yours Truly” and John Hunter. Music Harvey Browne.

I like it. I hope you do.

PS. John on vocals – not me. That treat is to come.

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