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Lo que yace por dentro

Back from holiday with friends in Almeria with some lovely memories and stories to tell. Paintings to work on. Grandson Thom born whilst away. The only creative project completed whilst away was my first poem for a long while. So, I hope you like it, more details to follow.

Old mine workings in the hills of Almeria

Lo que yace por dentro
(what lies within)

Azañas teeth
skies soak into dried blood hillsides
where rocks fierce
face the Levante
solid yet soiled

history was burned here once, he said
aqui, aqui
and he points to burn his points
into my memory

I look passed him to a bruise
it’s purple scar
sneering like a hair lip
at my innocence

listen         when the sun is gone
you can hear the fire
feel it rise through the soles of your feet
the mould is cast from the inside, he said

señorita slips
he spits as she sassy steps
a dream a hundred years on

they were true, he said
mi corazón llora para
las fantasmas del los braceros
(my heart weeps for the ghosts of the workers of the land)

20 thoughts on “Lo que yace por dentro

  1. Good. I’m going to point you in the direction of Donna Synder from El Paso. She writes in a similar style. I’d also like to adapt this into a song (sometime) if I may??

  2. Worked on and finished (edited into stanzas) Will, possibly, work on with music at the weekend. Lovely poetry Al (yours) Tumblewords Connection (Donna) but not much on the interweb.

  3. I can’t wait to see photos of little Thom! I just love babies. 🙂 Congrats to you, new grandpa!

    Your poem is wonderful. So evocative, such a sense of place; a place I’d like to see and experience, but thanks for the photo to help. I’m glad your vacation was good. I look forward to those stories.

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