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Beep sings to his mini-Beep-to-be……

Just thought I’d like to post up here a great new tune. My son and his partner (as I’ve mentioned before) are awaiting the arrival of Paddlehands – the affectionate petname they have given to their unborn son as he waves around in his Mummy as the scanner goes by.

I Beep therefore I Am

The excitement of new parents is palpable. This is Beep’s new song to his unborn son……coming right at you soon. Hope you like it.

PS. If anyone knows a label looking for a new talent………just asking ‘n’ all.

13 thoughts on “Beep sings to his mini-Beep-to-be……”

    1. Well, I think so. I play guitar and write and sing my own stuff though I haven’t yet mastered recording it to any great degree. My Mum used to play accordion and now plays keyboard, all by ear. So I guess the music gene comes down my Mum’s side. Glad you liked the tune. 🙂

  1. How cool…and a lovely happy song Too!
    I do find a kindredness here indeed. I played guitar for my unborn son, he plays guitar and more, his daughter plays. My Mom and her sister sang in Pubs, so have uncles, bros and so on. Musical families are such fun to get together and play.
    The baby is loving it I am sure will be comforted by it after being born. Lovely to share this. 😀

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