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In Derby there is an old fashioned department store, similar to many, where the well-to-do now take afternoon tea amongst china figurines that you know you just dare not touch.


On the right near the top, Bennetts. (image http://www.littleoverlodge.co.uk)


This poem came out of there some time ago. Ideas come from the strangest places sometimes.


Minty had the lines to compliment and tease
the tightest smiles from guarded faces though he
thought his talent wasted, his eloquence denied.

For he mourned the lack of classy girls in this town
so he fashioned his resources and
worked his material to suitย each occasion.

Then, hiding from the winter’s scowl in Homeware,
kicking silver plated heels in Cutlery and Curtain Poles,
the classless town came through.

Statuesque, she stood, ringing changes
to familiar tunes, with her jet black hair
falling on white capped shoulders.

There, she lifted gifts from jewelled shelves
and bent her slender waist to stoop from view,
lost in the joy of idle thought.

Her fingers kissed the porcelain, the gilt and gold,
her turquoise ring, and when she wrapped
the cherished gift for travelling she smiled

a hundred smiles in mirrors. The centre of the showcase.
And innocent of the stir she caused she played
out her role of Venus rising.

She turned and caught his wondered
stare, smiled her showcase smile, and offered
him her help as she was taught to do.

And he, awoken from his daydream and
faced with this disarmament, was left to say
that he loved the curve of gravyboats…..and would she….?


12 thoughts on “Class

  1. first, i have to say that is a great photo. second, i cannot exactly remember when poems like this came abundant. i noticed that narrative poems like this one do not come out much these days because of the preference for free verse and other styles. i don’t know. but i like this one. it reminds of the poem about the country girl and the city girl that i read when i was in college. i forgot the title though. ๐Ÿ˜†

    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, PM. You are right in that narrative poems don’t appear much anymore. I occassionally try them as an exercise in writing them from that point of view. When it works, they’re very satisfying. Sticking to the discipline is the challenge when free verse or concrete poetry is, dare I say, a little random in it’s success rate. Don’t know “the city girl and the country girl” one, though.

  2. From your nimble mind, a series of poems centered around kitchen crockery would be quite interesting!

    I enjoyed reading “Class” and seeing it in my mind as I went along. Love these ideas that come from the least expected places. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thank you, Rรฉ. I like to people watch sometimes with my notebook in hand. I was in a bar and watched the “cuddliest” of girls try to sit in a chair that was clearly way too small. And she wasn’t giving up. Oh, I had so many lines……………….

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