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Kiko, anyone ?

Software manuals are invariably written for and by people who have a clue. So, I’m trying to master recording software and it’s a slow process. There are recording terms to get to grips with before you have any idea of what or where the software goes. So, at the start of a long journey of discovery I’ve finally made my first recording and posted it to my Soundcloud page. In the process of file conversion and upload/transfer I have picked up several different clicks and tweeks that didn’t seem to be apparent when I first recorded it. So, if any of you are recording buffs, any advice is helpful.

But, I’m chuffed I got there so here goes –Β  recorded with two mics straight, no overdubs – as they say. My take on “Kiko” by Earl Klugh with a bit of Martin Taylor thrown in.

Image: caribbean real

16 thoughts on “Kiko, anyone ?”

  1. Hi Al,

    I’m clicking on the link – which brings Soundcloud up – but then….what?

    Where are you?

    Cheers – John.

  2. After ‘The inexorable slide’, I wondered when/if I’d ever get to hear you play….so I’m glad you posted this….. made you more ‘real’ for me πŸ™‚
    Kudos for starting out! Looking forward to more.
    p.s. did I ever mention just how much I love the sound of an acoustic guitar?

    1. Thanks Mun. There are so many things to consider and get my head around. It’s not the best recording but it’s a start and I’ll settle on an acoustic sound that I like by experimentation I guess. I was practicing and recording and just thought I’d post it anyway. I’ll work on more.

      1. I just You-tubed the Earl Klugh version, listened to that, also listened to a young chap playing Kiko on his guitar, then came back here to listen to your version again. Enjoyed it even more, now that I’m all ‘educated’ πŸ™‚

    1. I like that thought. Wish we could get more of the immediacy of real life (and sharing of food!), but then, it wouldn’t be accessible at all hours the way the internet is. πŸ™‚

      1. I know what you mean and the companionship would be good. I always envied those artists who would hang around Parisian coffee houses exchanging ideas and sharing resources and support. At least what we have via the Web is the sharing of work and support for ideas when acted upon. It goes a long way in encouraging artistic development knowing that someone somewhere likes what you do.

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