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The sniffing of rats.

It’s been a busy few days. I’ve reflected that during the last 9 days I’ve only been at home for 3 afternoons and, since I don’t travel with a laptop, I’m a bit off the pace but not quite out the back of the peloton ( I have been keeping up with the Tour de France). During those 9 days I’ve spent time in Dorset, caught a Neil Diamond concert in London, visited The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and spent another 2 days in Cornwall. Now I
must focus though. I have a gig at the weekend and I need to get my chops and my voice up to speed.

But none of this has kept me from the debacle at News Corps/News International. I don’t think any of us were naive enough not to realise that BIG BUSINESS actually drove the Government (as it probably does yours, wherever you are) and that it was a state of affairs that we had to live with. But generally speaking, as individuals, they left us alone.

Now the phone hacking scandal has really turned out to be smelly. Who cared if they hacked a star? It was tittle-tattle that sold newspapers. But now we have “Call me Dave” Cameron hiring a dubious NI exec (Andy Coulson) and dining with Rebekah Brooks. Two of the UK’s top policemen have resigned  over links with NI. People involved are saying unusual things on camera and that is making politicians at the top nervous.

I found this great cartoon by Leon Kuhn on

Cameron should admit that Christmas and tennis with Rebekah Brooks is too close. He should also distance himself from his “friend”, Andy Coulson. Or is he in this too much ? You know, keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

MP’s want to ask Rebekah Brooks about a statement that she made indicating that payments had been made to police for information back in 2003. Er, why didn’t they ask her then ?

Our Government and the Murdoch empire have been too close since the days of Thatcher (she dined with Rupert Murdoch every Christmas, it is said, and often in between).

1991....Murdoch awards the Thatch....for what ? (from The Boston Herald)

It is clear where the power behind the throne has always been. The referendum  to
introduce AV was a wipe-out – but where did the money come from (no-one is

Big Business runs the country but just for the moment it is rather satisfying to hear the sniffing of rats in the corridors of power.

11 thoughts on “The sniffing of rats.”

  1. You do gigs?? Whoa. I learn new things about you every day!
    Y’know, I haven’t been following this news story at all so knew nothing of it till Huz recounted everything he’s been reading, this morning, even before my as-soon-as-i-wake-up stretch!
    Since then I have read an article in The Guardian….and now, your post. Coincidences, I tell you 🙂
    Great cartoon! 🙂

  2. You are on a roll here Alan. From piddles (leaks) to rats (leakers) I see a pattern. I love a good conspiracy. As a little guy I love to see the big guy get his just reward. Of course he never does. There is always wiggle room afforded in the law and always there are enough reasonable doubts afforded by reasonable people (little guys) to ensure that the conspirasy lives on. In this particular case we are seeing the media reporting on mismanagement in the media. I wonder how this will all turn out. I reiterate Munira above. Coincidences. All. I am sure all the answers will remain in the sewer with the real rats. Fortunately I buy my hard news at “Speculation R’ Us”. NIcely done.

    1. Thanks Nick. I’ve no doubt that this would not have hit the headlines if there hadn’t been an outcry at the Milly Dowler phone hack (the poor girl who was abducted and murdered) since I’m sure the practice is part of journalism today. And the Murdochs will be back. It’s interesting to see who falls on this one though.

  3. And we thought only India was corrupt 😛
    I know it’s a matter of grave concern but sitting in this part of the world where we look up to the developed nations. This is bad.

    1. HI Narendra, thanks for dropping by again and I promise I’ll catch up with your blog too. I’ve never doubted that the UK Government has been corrupt regardless of who was in power. We’ve just been very good at hiding it. The Murdochs always came and went by the back door but we knew they were pulling the strings. Maybe corruption is not down to street level or anything but the real game goes on behind closed doors. A lot of reciprocal back scratching goes on.

      1. I don’t know what to say 🙂
        As you pointed out it all happens “closed doors”. I guess in matured economies ( or should I say civilizations ) everything looks so sophisticated even corruption seems to go on with a stamp a class. Out here it’s like cattle trade 🙂

  4. We’ve been thinking similar things, Al. I’m wondering if big business runs all the countries in the world? (Well of course, mostly it does! I’m just afraid to say it.) I’m beginning to feel like I’m in one of those scary movies, except there’s no real hero who can set it all right. (I’m sorry for this downer of a comment.)

    I do hope your gig goes well. I wish I could be in your audience! 🙂

    1. Thanks Ré. Working hard on the practice 🙂
      Big business runs the show, for sure, but you mustn’t let it get to you. I burned up a lot of energy ranting at things I can’t change. Instead, I try to perfect my ripple effect and hope that in the next generation, one day, someone will say enough is enough. I can hope.

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