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Yes, I like this…the fave sites award moved on……

I must pass on my thanks for their praise and recognition of my blog to Re, Lisa and Ms.Sunshine who have all in recent weeks raised my profile with their readers by passing on a Blog Award. When I started blogging my aims were vague but I knew I wanted to connect with like-minded people across the world and I’m delighted that that has happened. With that in mind I’m happy to take the opportunity to mention those people below who I enjoy checking in with and hope you check them out too….and in the process, pass on the pie.    

This is from Ré’s blog………   “Now the story of this gift, I can definitely share! Anna Fonté at girl in the hat has gifted me with The “Yes! I Like This!” Blog Award! It was serendipitously renamed by Anna from its original, The Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award, so she could pass it on to fifteen blogs that she enjoys, because some of them (like some of my own favorites) don’t quite fit into the category of sweet. ……….though there were no strings attached to your award, and no rules to follow, I would like to share my good fortune and list some blogs I enjoy. But before I get to that, let me consider a twist on one of the original rules of the award, to share seven facts about myself, as Anna did. ………..She told us seven things (with a bonus) that she’s learned about writing blogs.”

Anna’s list is good. It’s here.

So, I am to list 7 facts about myself that you might not know and then nominate my fave blogs and notifiy them that they are up for the award, and in the process encourage you, dear reader, to check them out in the hope that you can connect too.

So here goes, 7 facts:

  1. I am a Scorpio along with Neil Young (yeah), Grace Slick (yeah), Pablo Picasso (yeah), Joni Mitchell (yeah), Bonnie Raitt (yeah) and Joseph Goebbels (booo).
  2. I’m a serial cereal eater.   
  3. I read my book in bed wearing a Head Torch.
  4. I made up stories for my kids involving Super Chicken and Sponty the Champion Kite Flyer (it got them to dry the dishes ! ).
  5. I once stood next to Reginald D. Hunter in a urinal. ( A long clip but very funny.)
  6. I just love the original “West Side Story” …click, click.
  7. I cry rivers of eye juice when I laugh.

So, my friends, here are the blogs I like to check out on a regular basis and give them the “Yes! I Like This! ” pie –

1  Krazy Memoirs…..Rajiv posts his thoughts from Kerala.

2. reddyzviewz ………..Narendra lives in Chennai, cricket nut and an interesting take on life.

3. Munira’s Bubble……. the everyday views of a wife and mother in Karachi.

4. You’ve been Hooked………we are the human race. The Hook watches us.

5. mystiquesunshine……….thoughtful rhymes just to lift you.

6. jaredblakedicroce………a hard working actor’s occasional postings on life in NYC in a tough business.

7. sparksinshadow….. Ré is another creative spirit.

8. markmywords……Mark writes from the WestMidlands in the UK. Always thoughtful and interesting stuff.

9. Jennifer Avventura……..lovely posts about life in Sardinia.

10. The Daily Cocca……Chris is prolific – has style -is well written – and a broad range of topics. Good stuff.

11. Me 2.0………Ok, Mikalee, freelance journalist, might not be everybodys cup of tea. She shoots from the hip on the topic of divorce and breaking up but uses that to be funny. Language warning. 🙂

12. Count on Cross………..Kari’s site is always full of useful information on a range of stuff.

13. What Button did………..the occasional blog by the mum-to-be of my first grandson. Fun stuff from a creative vegetarian. Try the Sunday Dinner cake !

14. Satsumabug………..recently found this art blog and it’s good. Open Mic Friday is a great idea. Try it.

15. mybusinessaddiction………….which is a funny title for a site that is “Mostly inspirational chit-chat starring the The Task Mistress”.

..and finally, not a WordPress site but worth checking out, Sufia’s Eye View.  Sufia is a young professional lady in Karachi and tells it as it is. Interesting stuff and another point of view.

I hope you find something to enjoy and my appreciation goes out to those who write interesting stuff for me to latch on to. 🙂

16 thoughts on “Yes, I like this…the fave sites award moved on……”

  1. Yayy!! I’m on #3!!! A big thank you for the award Single Malt, hope I never disappoint you 🙂
    Though really, I’m SO MUCH more than a wife and mom y’know 😉 Being a bum takes work!
    Btw, I think you missed this post which I dedicated to you 🙂

    I like this idea of promoting the blogs I like visiting…think I’ll pass on the award to all my favourite bloggers out there as well as check out your chums!

  2. Awww! You didn’t have to put me on your own list, but making it there has brought a tear to my eye. Thanks for having enough faith in me to recommend me to your readers! I’m going to check out the others on your list that I’m not already familiar with. Your creative spirit draws me to your blog, too. 🙂

    I love your 7 Facts About You list– ahhh, the poetry of “West Side Story” — and now I’m curious about stories wonderful enough to get children to help with the dishes! Maybe one day you’ll treat us to one– with illustrations!

    1. I have hidden away somewhere a story book I wrote and drew about a Mr.Mole character who discovers a lost Mouse wandering in the woods. Maybe I’ll dig it out for old times sake (if I can find it).

  3. Hey! It’s the gift that just keeps giving! Thank you for the kind mention! I loved your list. Anyone who even mentions Joni Mitchell makes my heart go gong, and wow, and #5! !! Really? Um… you guys get all the fun. Now I’m going to click through your links… thanks again!

  4. Thank you, Al. Congratulations to everyone as well.
    Will visit everyone. I know I may not relate to all those Bloggers but hope to find few interesting blogs.

  5. Hi Narendra, thanks for commenting. I really enjoy your blog, especially those Bollywood clips you post for fun, so every reason for me to put it up here. The blogs I read are a real mixture but that’s what I like. 🙂

  6. Hi Al..
    How you doing… So sorry for the delay in commenting.. Had taken a short break…
    Many thanks for including me in your list… Appreciate it… About your 7 things.. 1. Pablo Picasso is a scorpion too? Yayyy!! 2. I like cereals but not everyday.. I get bored quickly… 3. I chuckled when i read this… I wonder how ppl react when they see you reading with a head torch.. just kidding.. Is it something common overthere? 4. Am sure they still remember it.. ( drying the dishes!! ) 🙂 5. No comments 6. Never watched it.. Will have to now… 7. Ah! I remember one of your profile pics on fb.. You were laughing n your eyes looked wet.. 🙂 This was long back…
    Have a lovely Wednesday my friend..

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