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World Music Adventures #1

Some years ago, being pretty bored with the music I was listening to and keen to seek out new aural adventures, I began to dip my toe into the sphere of “World” music. I did the notorious producer thing, with no reference points to base any search on I would try just about anything for 30 seconds or so. Shameful isn’t it? Just 30 seconds.

Suffice to say lots must have passed me by but it’s a big world out there. BBC Radio 3’s world and jazz music programmes have been an occasional source of discovery over the years and it was here that I found a new love…………..Dhafer Youssef.

Dhafer Youssef

He recorded a London Jazz Festival show for the programme some years ago and I chanced upon it not knowing who he was. He got passed 30 seconds – he got passed a minute – he passed 2.

I listened to the whole thing and was BLOWN away. I think he is amazing.

And there is no-one who does vocals like Dhafer.

Now, I have all Dhafer’s albums and listen to him a lot. He is one of the few artistes I would travel a long way to see.

Here’s a Youtube clip…..

About 6 months ago Fi came home from work, listening to the radio to wind down, as she does, and said that she’d just heard this incredible music in the car. “Dhafer Youssef ? Is that right? Do we have any of him ?” It’s not often our tastes match.

Get your ass to London, Dhafer  !!! Or I’ll have to come to Paris   🙂

10 thoughts on “World Music Adventures #1”

    1. Haunting, evocative and very different. I think he is a great musician who is lucky enough to surround himself with other great musicians. I’m very glad you had a punt, Wazeau, and I hope you’ll continue to enjoy his music. Thanks for stopping by again and commenting. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Rajiv, glad you liked it too. Listening to such music and enjoying it is a clear exmaple that music the world over communicates and you don’t necessarily have to understand. I don’t actually think he is singing anything – just using his voice as another instrument, but I may be wrong.

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