I Beep Therefore I Am

Up until this point, aided and abbetted by my now grown-up children, I have managed to avoid the epithet “Grandad” . Alas, no more, my son has let me down (only kidding, of course) and a Grandad I will be. Excitement and anticipation swirls all around. But he’s gonna need extra kash with another mouth to feed so it gives me a great opportunity to plug my artiste son, who, though I say it myself, makes some great music.

I Beep Therefore I Am

This is the link. http://soundcloud.com/i-beep-therefore-i-am/tracks

My favourite tracks, for what it’s worth, are “CGI” – “Tick the Funk Box” (tongue firmly placed in cheek on this one) – “J.G.Ballad” – and “Beep Me” . Some great new tracks here.

Hope you like them and if you do – share the beat.

8 thoughts on “I Beep Therefore I Am

  1. Really interesting and inventive music by your son Alan. And congratulations on the impending grandfathership. With that and your liking for The Grateful Dead I think it’s time to grow the ponytail and don the small John Lennon shades maaan. Seriously – well done.

    1. Haha, how on earth do you find these sites (and who on earth decides its a good idea to put them up ?!). Alan would be just fine and when the wee bairn is ready she/he can give me my name (Wrinkles……..probably). Looking forward to next weekend !! Love x

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