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Cover me, I’m going in……..

On our travels we have managed to pick up a couple of picture frames which are custom made to frame your favourite LP (yep, LP) covers and hang them on the wall. Naturally, these LP covers get rotated from time to time just to change the scenery and not to be charged with some sort of bias or neglect. Currently the two that hang in our home office right now are……

Gene Clark - "No Other" of my favourite all-time albums


Changing the covers is often a delight, and a stress, since there are so many great covers that have made their way into the world and we should share our adulation around. Here are some of my favourite covers which have made it to date;- a great one from the old days.

I love the design of this. Isn't this just so painterly !


We're talking images, remember, not great music. A simple image that speaks volumes.


A perfect layout for a band photo with attitude and eye-candy thrown in. Nudey suits all round.

and finally, ………

I know, another Dead one, but they did surround themselves with some seriously talented artists.....and I had this one painted on my crash helmet in the 70's !!


Downloaded mp3s don’t seem to have the same charm.

12 thoughts on “Cover me, I’m going in……..”

  1. Hmmm are LP players n discs still avl in the markets. They were hugely popular in India, that was well before I was born though, now it’s more of a collectors item. Now it’s all about iPod 😀

  2. Love the Gene Clark LP cover. What a good idea to have frames for LP covers. I got rid of my LP’s long ago, but for those who still have them, this would be such a great way to enjoy the art, as well as the music.

    1. I agree. Some of the covers were/are great works of art. The idea of framing them is such a simple and great one, too. However, oddly enough, I have scoured the UK for these frames to no avail – we bought them in San Francisco – should have bought more !!

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