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There’s no accounting for no taste

I like to think that I’m a fully paid up member of the style council (on a good day), and some things are definitely verboten. Whilst driving to my Spanish class the other night I was cruising along the inside lane, no hurry, when I was distracted by 4 gleaming full-on headlights in my rear view mirror. The lights were so bright I couldn’t tell what it was, and this was in broad daylight. Seconds later I was gracefully overtaken by a beautiful green Morgan sports car –  a rare sight indeed.

A Morgan Aero 8 - the car was much like this one.

Then, to my amazement, I noticed that stuck in the middle of the windscreen of this classic vision of motorness (I’m not a Petrolhead – I just know what looks good) – was a huge SatNav screen. What the ? Style points went from 100 to, maybe, 10 at best, in a flash.

What was the driver thinking? Would you hang furry dice from your Aston Martin? I felt like pulling him over and slapping him around the head for gross style violations. I was so distracted by this incongruity that I missed my turn-off and had to weave my way a couple of miles back through town. Some people ! A gorgeous classic sports car……….and a SatNav ?  Whatever happened to pulling over into a garage, rolling out in your butterscotch corduroy trousers while everyone watched, and asking the attendant for directions while everybody drools over your alloys? (Actually, I would have taken the rip at the point of the butterscotch corduroy trousers, but you get the picture.)

There’s no accounting for no taste.

12 thoughts on “There’s no accounting for no taste”

    1. Ah, but India is a special case, Narendra. Normal rules don’t apply. I love the way so much of India is multi-coloured. It’s fantastic. You’ve only got to watch the crowds at the cricket to see that. 🙂

  1. Don’t believe I’ve ever seen a Morgan. It is fabulous! I’m not a huge car person, but can sure enjoy a beautiful thing when see it. I’d love to ride around in one of those!

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