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Surprises, surprises……

My wife tells me that she believes that one of the reasons that we chug along merrily together is that we still have the ability to surprise each other. When she says that I have surprised her ( short of creeping up behind her with an inflated paper bag) it’s a surprise to me – I am, after all, just being myself.

Today is her birthday and being the good husband I am I enquired as to what she might like for her birthday dinner, cooked by moi !  I had in mind a medium rare steak, trimmings, and a fine bottle of Clavis 2000 which has been looking for an excuse to join us at the table.



“Pizza, hot pepperoni pizza. Oh, and salad.”

“Not steak? Sea bass? Not pan-fried scallops on a samphire base drizzled in lemon and thyme followed by organically-reared and thoughtfully named sirloin steak seared over gently brazing coals heated by the breath of a 1000 beautiful maidens – washed down by the succulent nectar of Roman Gods sieved through the socks of budding cherubs – with crumble to follow?”

The Dude with grapes for hair (

“No, pizza….and a bottle of Stella”

SurpriseD. See ! Oh well, it is a school night and she will be home late so no heavy meal required.

But I wouldn’t have guessed pizza !

I could always surprise her by doing steak though.

14 thoughts on “Surprises, surprises……”

  1. Ahhhhh…I like this post..bright inspiration for the younger lot.
    Hearty Birthday wishes to Mrs.Al… Hope u both had a wonderful time..

  2. issshhhh ohh I’m late… I opened it and thr were no comments, I thought I would wish you both first…
    better late than never… 🙂 Wish you many more happy returns of the day Fi and Al. 🙂
    God bless you both !

  3. How about both steak n pizza? n a candle light dinner… Well it was yest but you still can surprise her today with the steak( say its just the continuation of yest)… (cant help i get such ideas):P… Hope you both had a fabulous day… Belated wishes Fi…:)

  4. Thank you, my friends from miles away, we had a good evening after Fi came home from work and pizza it was – but she did get loads of cards and pressies …… I guess there are no complaints. 🙂

  5. Happy Birthday Fi, hope you enjoyed the pizza and know you will enjoy Berlin.
    Al, just remember those three little words which mean so much and will keep your marriage going as long as ours….”you’re right dear”

  6. Cool! Surprises are always welcomed provided they are good ones. Your wife is lucky to have a hubby whose always finding ways to surprise her! Don’t mention about pizza , I’m hungry now!

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