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The truth will always be……….

This morning whilst listening to the superb journalist, Jon Snow, on Desert Island Disks, he chose a piece by Pat Metheny that I’d never heard before. Apparently he’d used it in a film he’d made about the poverty of some people, I didn’t catch which country I’m afraid, but listening to it was very moving.

I had to search it out and listen to the whole tune and here is an excellent youtube video I found which is very peaceful. It’s a 10 minute watch I’m sorry to say, but, hey, what’s 10 minutes when this will calm the white noise around you. I hope you like it.

6 thoughts on “The truth will always be……….”

  1. I was also impressed with this track and since like you hearing a snippet of it on Desert Islands discs i googled and it came up with your posting of the 9 min version which is quite superb really.Gone through it a few times now and each time i get into a trance like state,drifting along on it’s various dreamy moods.It really offers a chilled out listen. Thanks for that.

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