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The Office………

Some years ago I embarked upon a new career as a guitar builder. However, whilst every good intention was there my new career kept being interrupted by long spells at my old one. It did, after all, pay regularly. Oh, how I became the butt of cutting jokes….”I’d order a guitar from Al but I might die before it arrives”…..being a particular favourite of many. And so, with 2011 facing us, I, as yet unaware of any lurking opportunities to earn regular money, am armed and ready to burst (well, dribble a little) into luthiery.

Here is my new Office,

I don’t have to worry about trailing leads and health and safety legislation ‘cos it’s just me and Radio 4. The guitar hanging up is “Danielle’s” guitar. A project somewhat delayed by continuous interruptions by “old career”. Now nearing the end – just sorting the lacquer and the bridge and we’ll be stringing up pronto.

The Kylie calendar on the wall is my nod to stereotypical workshop ( and is meant to be a lighthearted nod, ladies).

Here all things are considered….and considered….and considered again. I have learnt that there is such a thing as “luthier time”. That is, each hour has 100 minutes in it – each week at least 10 days, each month at least 6 weeks.

I am now the proud owner of a new bandsaw and planer/thicknesser which both nestle menacingly in the corner of the garage. Once I’ve cut and planed everything in sight I shall be an unstoppable guitar building machine – luthier time, of course.  🙂

Projects planned and already begun are a steel string acoustic, slightly larger than “000”, spruce top and amazaque back and sides.

I’ve not worked with Amazaque before but it looks great and in thicknessing down has developed an almost silky sheen.
Likewise a flattop mandolin – spruce and amazaque.  The mandolin is for me but when all said and done everything is for sale if I don’t want to have to go back to “old career”.
I have some ash which will become electrics designed by me. I’m fired up and ready to roll.
Look out for updates and pics. I know that it’s not going to be straight forward…wood never is. It is a living organism (or was) and can be a demanding mistress.
Let production begin….but first, considering lunch….

2 thoughts on “The Office………”

  1. As I restrung my baby the other night, you were the first person I thought about… repainted the worn frets – I wonder if Al make this electro-acoustic for me?

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