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Listen to your head

A day spent at a tool show. Now, I know that doesn’t sound interesting, and 10 years ago I would have agreed, but in my new guise as “master Craftsman” (not) I find tools interesting. Sad but true. Anyway, the lovely man gave me the whatfor and whyfor about a bandsaw I fancied. (Upright, statuesque,alluringly sleek, legs worth stroking.) And £500 lighter in wallet said bandsaw is to be delivered and I shall be happy.  Potentially more scary was the fact that the oil light on my car kept coming on and going off again. I was convinced it was an intermittent display fault (another intermittent warning light also leading me to this conclusion). But when other road users started flashing me I thought I’d better check. Sure enough – no oil in engine. Hell’s Bells. Better get the brakes checked too then.

Have you ever stood under a hot refreshing shower and put your fingers in your ears and listened to the thrummm inside your head ? This has been part of my “try something new as often as possible” mantra. This particular suggestion is free.

Pip pip

1 thought on “Listen to your head”

  1. Tools are brilliant! My dad is/was a carpenter… I suppose just because he doesn’t do much of that stuff anymore doesn’t mean he still isn’t one… I have some of his old tools *grin* I shall try out the sound my head hears in the shower when it’s fixed.. currently, to have a shower that doesn’t freeze you you have to run the tap in the sink… *sigh*

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