The Cork Board

OK, I’ll get there…….

So, first up, dipping my toe in the vast pool of blogdom. I hope the water is warm. It’s a slow cold day and I’ve stuff to do but here I am creating verbage for the ether. Rather like throwing a ball over someone’s fence and not seeing where it lands. I have some woodwork projects to plan – new guitars to build – housework to do – music to practice – coffee to drink. I am sure there are some people writing interesting stuff out here and I’ll find you. Be aware. So, good news………..Saravan, our friend in India, has finally begun his old peoples home for abandoned elderly villagers in Andre Pradesh. The man is an inspiration. We are supporting him from here and looking forward to his visit next July. And good news from me, the final lacquering on Danielle’s guitar looks to have gone on okay…phew…..almost there……..

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