The Cork Board


Top of the list today was to make sure that Joyce’s path was cleared. Joyce is in her 80’s and lives next door. She still has a complete set of marbles and whilst her body may be frail her lower jaw bounces with joy(ce). We have a saying ” I’ve been Joyced ! ” when she catches our eye and stops to chat. She also has a saying..”Well, I mustn’t hinder you” which usually precedes another 10 minutes without taking a breath. I used to say, in my younger days, ” Sorry, I’ve got to go and watch my kids groiw up.” But I can’t use that now and must cling to the notion that she will surely notice that I will soon need another shave. Fortunately for me, Joyce’s path has already been cleared……I suddenly have another hour to fill 🙂 …. but she’s lovely really.

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